Mission & Approach

Azimut is an independant non-governmental organization dedicated to giving technical support to local initiatives in northern Madagascar that help maintain and enhance marine and coastal resources. While concerned about ensuring adequate revenues for the local communities, Azimut has adopted an approach structured around community and economic development, environmental respect and awareness, research, education, capacity building of local stakeholders and the networking of local and foreign expertise.

In order to ensure the sustainability of our actions we…

  1. Support the management and sustainability of halieutic and recreational activities by proposing alternative practices to counter the looting and destruction of fishing and recreational grounds.
  2. Develop microprojects generating revenues tailored to the internal logic of the target population and to the available technologies by proposing innovative approaches that have succeeded in similar environments.
  3. Foster multistakeholder collaboration in these microprojects to ensure the promotion of their interests.
  4. Take part in a common effort of environmental education to ensure the sustainable development of the Island of Madagascar.
  5. Support local associations that work in fields as varied as health, job creation, tourism, provision of services and expertise aiming at improving living conditions of northern Malagasies: a step forward towards the complex system of protecting local resources.
  6. Work in partnership with local and foreign organizations  in order to draw on the skills, expertise and resources required to successfully complete on-going projects.